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Problems with Start Menu bar in WinXP

  1. May 5, 2004 #1
    Hey guys :)

    I have a problem with my menus in WinXP. I am talking about the menu that is displayed when I do Start->Programs.

    My problem is that some of my links are in my personal area in the C:\Documents and Settings folder (the sub-folder from here with my name), and some of my links are in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users folder.

    This creates a problem because when I want to change something in my menu, it wont let me because of the different things. For example, I had 6 links in a folder I created at one point. I tried to rename the folder, and it wouldn't let me because I'm "me" and it was a folder that is created in the All Users area.

    I'm sure I clicked something that made my computer start acting like this. Does anyone know what I may have done? I'd like to get this back to normal :)

    Thank you!
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    *Sigh* I had this problem too and quite frankly, I don't know exactly how I fixed it. All I do know is that I messed around with the folders themselves and the User setup options... I wish I could help you, I really do, I'll look into it see if I can figure out this out for you.
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    Do doing what your doing but in administrator mode.
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    How do I do Adminstrator mode? I checked out "Users" in Control Panel and I am the only user, along with a guest user account which is disabled. Under my name, it shows that I am the adminstrator.
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    http://www.ncsu.edu/resnet/pages/passwords/xp_passwords_admin.php [Broken]
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    Hey guys!

    I cured this problem by using TuneUpTools 2004. There was an option that somehow got set that was "Apply changes to this user only". I switched it back to "Apply changes to all users", and it seems to be working.

    I can change all the Start Menu stuff without problems now, but the stuff is still spread over two directories.

    If I ever get the guts to reinstall my WinXP (I'm so scared that I may not have all the drivers for my network card, video card, etc), is there an option you can choose on install that makes WinXP "Single User"?
  8. May 7, 2004 #7
    If you're the admin and you said the Guest account is off then you are a Single User.
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