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Procedure for studying advanced quantum mechanics.

  1. Jun 24, 2011 #1
    currently i am joining IIT for an ee btech(b e) degree. i am very passionate for continuing my studies in physics after it, but still i want to study Q mech,G R,on my own
    here is what i am familiar with as of now.
    CALCULUS -TILL pde (variable separable),ODE -double order .
    vector calculus till stokes threorem(only the preliminaries)

    Q mech till application to hydrogen atom.
    some basic statistical mech.
    S R till simultaniety, velocity addition.

    now i want to go to advanced q mech, start G R.

    please tell 1.if this math is sufficient 2. what books are best 3.what more (and in how much detail i have to learn more).4. what exactly comes in advanced q mech 5.anything u would like to add.
    i will be greately indebted.
    (thanks in advance) -akshat
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