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Process trials?

  1. Jan 31, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone!
    Need help with selecting terms for translation.
    The situation is as follows:

    A new production process is being developed.
    First, this process is tested on lab-scale equipment to see if it goes ok. (It may be full-scale equipment in a workshop too.)
    If any bugs are identified, they are removed and trials are repeated to refine the process
    before going to larger scale production.

    In Russia we call the above actions "otrabotka tehnologii",
    which could be translated with more or less matching the original as "process refining".

    So, here is the question:
    Is there a term in the U.S. that could cover the above situation?

    Please, share your experience.
    Thank you.
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    otrabotka tehnologii does not pass through Google Translate.

    However, отработка технологии in Russian means “development of technology” in English.

    From your description I would use "Design Validation".

    This confusion may be caused by “transliteration”; that is, converting a spoken Russian term into English phonetic spelling. This causes many problems and polyglots will advise against transliterating from one language to another.

    There are exceptions: For example, many westerners who learn Mandarin Chinese write out the Chinese vocabulary words using “PinYin”, an old accepted transliteration method that allows one to avoid learning to read and write Chinese characters.
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    Thank you!

    "Development of technology", as I see it, has a broader meaning.
    It includes preparing drawings and documentation, fabrication of equipment, then, testing processes developed for the technology etc.
    The Russian word "технология" can mean both "technology" and "production/manufacturing/fabrication process" in English.

    So, "Design Validation" can also be used with a process?

    P.S. Ok, I thought Russian characters are not readable overseas, so I tried transliteration.
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    Just encountered a presentation with the follwoing:

    Current Industry Practices in Manufacturing Process Validation
    The objectives for validation are:
    •Demonstrate control over the process and finished product.
    •Demonstrate that the process will consistently produce product which meets all specifications and quality attributes.
    •Generate a knowledge base for the product as well as accommodate any further business needs.

    Very similar to what our guys do. The difference is that the above text relates to Pharmaceutical Technology.

    Is the term "Manufacturing Process Validation" used in other industries too?
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    According to your description of the production process in the Original Post (#1) yes, the term "Manufacturing Process Validation" seems to describe it perfectly. And yes, I have seen this term used in the aerospace industry. You may expect others here to comment on this point as well.

    P. S. I do not pretend to read Russian characters. When we use "Google Translate" it is easy to just copy the Russian words from your post and paste them in Google. Then the English equivalent appears. Since you are a translator I highly recommend "Google Translate". It is free, and is more accurate than others I have used while translating six or seven different languages!
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    Thank you again.

    Automated translators make tons of mistakes, but the general sence is usually conveyed.
    It rarely works with Chinese. I saw Operation Manuals for different things that were translated from Chinese to Russian automatically. It was lots of laughs reading them.
    Also patents written by the Chinese in English -- we had a really hard time translating them into Russian!
    Finally, we quit them and a Chinese translator was found to deal with them.

    P.S. I was just afraid that Russian characters could be displayed as abracadabra rather than correct Russian characters for copying-pasting. So, it's ok to type them here, now I know for sure.
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    jim hardy

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    I remember around 1962 when computer translation was just getting started.
    Evening news mentioned briefly anecdote of a closed-loop test :

    the phrase "The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak" was run through their machine from English to Russian then back again.

    It came out "The wine is great but the steak is awful......"
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    Actually yes, it could be a real thing:
    Spirit in Russian is alcohol (99% vol.).
    Flesh... well it could be interpreted as meat.
    So we get what we get -- stake and wine!

    Here I remember an anecdote I once heard (must be a British one):
    A spirit enters a bar and asks for a whiskey.
    Bartender answeres:
    - Sorry, sir. We don't serve spirits.
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    Many people will talk of two distinct phases:

    Design validation (prove that the design works, assuming it's made right)
    Process validation (prove that you can make it, assuming it's designed right)

    They overlap but are usually done in that order. Terms will vary.
  11. Feb 3, 2012 #10
    Thank you!
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