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Procrastination is killing me

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    I've been trying to do and learn somethings ,but I end up procrastinating and watch youtube all night or whatever ,that's really annoying...does anyone have some selfcontrol advice ?
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    No, I'm joking.

    Join the military?

    I wouldn't recommend that either.

    Just turn off all your electronic devices, grab some books and head out into nature. You'll soon realize that nature is boring and the books become that much more interesting. (Nature isn't really that boring, but it helps some people focus. Really, if you just turn off all the distractions you'll get **** done.)
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    its a tough cycle to beat.
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    Yep, it's a tough one, made worse by how easy it is to play.

    What worked for me was routine. When I was in school I would go to the same room in the library, at the same time, and work about 50 minutes. Take a limited break (very important, don't skip your breaks!). Go back, repeat.

    After a while it became much easier to focus intensely when I was in that room. I had conditioned myself for it.
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    Instead of doing what I should be doing i am going to post on this thread...
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    Just say NO.

    In some circles, there is discussion that the obsessive use of technology might be akin to an addiction similar to that of drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex where the lack of has withdrawal and the use of rewards the brain with release of dopamine, and where users will neglect biological needs such a food and relationships. I am sure you have heard of the terms such as gaming addiction, `crackberry`, excessive texting.

    I am not putting you in a category, just trying to inform you that the jury is still out whether all the easy access to technology and all its wonderfulness does have a downside to it. If it is any consolation, not so many years ago, people would stay up at all hours watching late night TV or movies, essentially doing the same thing you are doing and that wasn`t never thought of as an addiction but just doing nothing. It just might be the trendy thing to do nowadays to pick at human behavior and call everything an addiction, compulsive, obsessive,...

    If you make money off it, then it is work.
    If you spend money on it and show others your creation, then it is your hobby.
    If others are really impressed by what you do, then it becomes your passion.
    If you have nothing to show at the end of it all, then you have a monkey on your back.

    What you should do is realize that someone else is trying to make money off you, by luring you in to do something for their own benefit, and if they make it easy and get enough interest by enough individuals they can rake in the dough and retire rich at an early age. Everyone and every institution wants your time and your money.

    Unfortunately for them there is only so much money and time that you have to share, and some things have more priority than others. Some of those that you do even know will have to be dissapointed that you turned them down and said no to their demands.

    So just say NO to the Youtube gang and the Whatever gang and do what you have to do to get on track.
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