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Homework Help: Produce schematic for a lathe hydraulic copying attachment

  1. May 20, 2012 #1
    Hi there!

    Im currently towards my 2nd year of my mechanical engineering course and on one of the assignments we have been asked to produce an electrical and hydraulic schematic for a hydraulic copying attachment for a lathe. Now unfortunatly we havent really had much tuition with this part of the course due to lecturers coming and going, its a right mess!
    The assignment asks us to use software to produce these schematics but i havent a cule how to do it and need to get it in asap!

    Im an apprentice cnc miller in mechanical rngineering and dont really know why i have assignments based on this stuff but its the way the course works (or doesnt in this case)

    Thanks for any advice/help given in advance

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