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Producing zirconium oxynitrate

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    Anyone know how to produce this from Zr metal? Dissolution in nitric, and HCl have proven a wrong first step. I've been searching all over the internet, and at my library for books/journal articles... No dice.

    Any help would be greatly appreciate.
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    a) Why don't you buy it?
    b) Did you try a melt of KHSO4 to dissolve the Zr?
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    Wait, you can buy it? Of course, but if I can make the oxynitrate form from the metal easily, I would do that to save money.

    I have not tried #2.
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    I did some reading while at home. My primary source was: H. Remy, Lehrbuch der anorganischen Chemie (oldy but goldy),
    Cotton Wilkinson, Advanced inorganic chemistry and
    Jander, Hofmann, Qualitative Analyse.

    According to Remy , Zr should dissolve easily in aqua regia.
    I suppose that reducing the solution repeatedly to dryness adding fresh HNO3 should do the trick to get ZrO (NO3)2 x nH2O.
    Alternatively, Zr Remy states that Zr dissolves in molten NaOH under formation of Hydrogen.
    You can dissolve the cold melt in diluted HNO3. This has the advantage that no chloride is present.
    If you hydrolize some solution and thus deposit fresh ZrO2 (with much hydroxide still), it will readily dissolve in acids before it ages.

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