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Product Detector

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    I am trying to learn something and really hope to get some help..

    i know the use of envelope detector.. but when to use product detector?
    i know product detector will be more expensive than envelope detector.. please help
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    Huh ??? What are you talking about?
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    what is the condition to use product detector???
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    OK, I googled the term and now I understand your question, but I don't know the answer.
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    how the overall power becomes lesser when one side band is taken away by the bandpass filter and also how it limits the bandwidth of the signal
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    A product detector is just a mixer where the two input signals are close together in frequency and the output, which is the difference between the two input frequencies, is generally an audio signal.

    They are used in single sideband receivers to mix an amplified input signal with a local oscillator whose frequency corresponds with the missing carrier of the sideband signal.

    Simple product detectors require filtering to remove the carrier from the audio output signal, but better ones use balanced techniques to cancel it out.

    There is no loss of power involved in doing this as the carrier is an unwanted and harmful output if it gets to the audio amplifier.
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