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Homework Help: Product notation

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    I have a quick question. In my book, there is a question that says to express each of the following products in terms of [tex]\prod_{n=1}^\k\a{i}[/tex], where [tex]k[/tex] is constant. Now, my question is this: [tex]\prod_{n=1}^\k\[/tex]ka_i. Would i just pull the [tex]k[/tex] out becuase it is only a constant and move that to in front of the product? This almost looks like a property that is similar with summation, but I think I have to do more than simply move the [tex]k[/tex]. Anyone understand/assist? Thank you all. I hope everyone can understand my LaTeX. The number atop the product is supposed to be k, NOT 1. Damn latex. :devil:
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    no, you multiply by k every time, meaning that outside it would turn into k^k
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    Ok, so on the outside of the product, I would have k^k=product a_i?

    I have another question that just blows my mind:

    The product is the same, but it reads ia_i. There is no k in the question, how am I to write this in terms of k?!?!
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