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Product of Legendre Polynomials

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    Could someone please help me find out how to express the product of two Legendre polynomials in terms of a sum of Legendre polynomials. I believe I have to use the recursion formula

    [tex](l+1)P_{l+1}(x)-(2l+1) x P_l(x) + l P_{l-1}(x)=0[/tex]

    but I am not sure how to do this. What is basically want to do is

    [tex]P_n(x) P_m(x) = \sum\limits_i c_i P_i(x)[/tex]

    I hope my question is understandable.

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    For people searching an answer

    "http://www.mscand.dk/article.php?id=1633" [Broken]"
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