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Homework Help: Product of the reaction

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    what happens when you add CBr4 to 1-butene (CH3-CH2-CH=CH2) with the presense of peroxides??
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    just wondering

    :confused: does the Br attach to the methyl group making it CH2Br-cyclopenane?
    or does it attach to the carbon that is attached the the methyl group making it 1-bromo-1-methylcyclopentane?
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    or would Br replace the methyl group?
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    We have a homework forum for these kinds of questions, I'll move it there.
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    The peroxide breaks into radicals, radicals attack the butene, the butene turns into a radical, butene joins onto other butenes turning them into radicals, plastic is made. The CBr4 cries because his friends started without him.
    Either that or the reaction gets out of control and it explodes. You're talking about mixing peroxides with alkenes; it sounds explosive.
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    so, if it explodes, no reaction occurs?
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    again, specify the reagents. Which peroxide exactly are you referring to? We're probably looking at a polymerization reaction here.
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