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Production eng./biotech from MNIT,ALLAHABAD or Integrated P.G. from IIITM,Gwalior?

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    production eng./biotech from MNIT,ALLAHABAD or Integrated P.G. from IIITM,Gwalior??

    With the aieee councilling in full flow,m in great dilemma for which seat to fill in my priority list!!! thought to get some experienced advice!!

    With my AIEEE rank,as per 2010 openin and closin rank,
    1. i may be getting production engineering at MNIT ALLAHABAD.
    2.i m gettin biotech for sure in mnit
    3.even IIITM,gwalior holds a good chance..

    I'll get to lock mah seats in SPOT ROUNDING..
    tho prod. seems to be a good bet..actual dilemma is in between IIIT and Biotech.!!!
    As u all know,first year courses in B.Tech. are same in all branches so I may stand a chance for a branch change with mah CGPA..Bt if not possible I"ll get stuck up there for firstly this isn't mah field of interest n morover m a PCM student!!!

    Secondly,tho IIITs are good bt a good part of its infrasstrure is still in construction.And to add to the prob IIITM Gwalior had poor placement in 2010 in B.Tech+M.B.A.h as compared to B.Tech+M.Tech..also heard is that integrated P.G. isn't too good a bet..

    ANd above all IIITs and NITs are institutes of national importance in INDIA!!

    I SERIOUSLY seek advice over this issue..I cant play with my carrer in such a initial stage.
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