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Production of massive neutrinos in electron - positron annihilation.

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    I bumbed in such event in on book written in middle 80's.

    Does anyone know anything of such phenomena? Has that theory been killed or is there any info available of it anywhere??

    Oh joy... I'm writing an essay of neutrinos, and I am really lost.. :|

    Oh, and another question... Any other theories around, that try to expand SM, but supersymmetry and superstrings??
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    A russian team though there had found a neutrino about 17 eV mass. Not idea what kind of experiment it was.
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    The first ones that come to mind are Grand Unified Theories. Essentially they try embedding the standard model gauge group, U(1) X SU(2) X SU(3), into a simpler gauge group like SU(5). A good introduction can be found at
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    Current theory and experiments indicate electron-positron annihilation results in the production of two 511 kev gamma rays and nothing else.
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    yep, yep

    this is also a nice illustration of how restmass can be converted to relativistic mass and the other way around. Two fotons colliding (scattering) can form a positron-electron pair which have restmasses...
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    Doesn't a neutrino acquire mass through the Higgs conform the Standard Model
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