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Productivity and Age

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    I'm looking for some information regarding whether there is any evidence to support the widely held view that intellectual productivity peaks of an individual rises from their late teens, peaks in their 20s and starts to decline in their 30s. However, I'm not sure that search terms to use when Googling for info. Is there a general term for this belief? And is it supported in any way?
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    I performed a search for "productivity versus age," no quotes, on Google Scholar and came up with the attached report by Cesare Marchetti. In addition, I've attached an excerpt on creativity from the Encyclopedia of Aging (2002) that discusses the indicators of productivity and includes a helpful bibliography.

    Hope these help! To find more sources, I recommend checking out your library's subscriptions to reference databases.

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    From the first paper linked to
    I haven't read the second yet.
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