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Products of Kronecker Deltas

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    Please, can some one tell me how to simplify this expression resolving the deltas

    [itex]\sum_{i_{1}+i_{2}+...i_{n}=k} f_{i_{1}}f_{i_{2}}...f_{i_{n}} \prod_{j=1}^{m}\delta_{a_{j1}i_{1}+...a_{jn}i_{n}-\rho_{j}}[/itex]

    where all [itex]a_{j1},..a_{jn}[/itex] and [itex]\rho_{j}[/itex] are integers. Each [itex]i_{1},..,i_{n}[/itex] range from 0 to k, and the delta is Kronecker (its argument must be null).

    After resolving the deltas I guess one would have a sum of the [itex]f[/itex]s in the form [itex]f_{g\left(a_{ij},\rho_{j},k,m\right)}[/itex] where g is a function of those arguments.

    Please, it's important.
    Thank you
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