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Homework Help: Products of this reactions?

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    Products of this reactions?!?

    1.I can't seem to get an equation for this reaction.Potassium Biphthlate + Sodium Hydroxide gives me what? Both are dissolved in water. Need to figure out the equation to standardize the sodium hydroxide.

    NaOH + KHC8H4O4 -->

    All are aqueous.
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    This is an acid base reaction. One of the products is water - where do the H's come from?
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    KHC8H4O4 is a dicarboxylic acid. It loses two protons.

    KHC8H4O4 + 2OH --> 2H2O + KHC8H2O4
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    Nope. KHC8H4O4 is a dicarboxylic acid with one of the acidic protons having been replaced by the potassium. One acidic proton left...
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