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Prof. Res

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    Hi. I was looking for somebody who knew about biology and was a professional researcher/would be interested in doing professional research for me (Which wouldn't at this point be done in a lab) Does anyone know the best way I could go about doing this? Could anyone here help me? I could pay quite a bit

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    Write out your project scope of work and submit it to the biology department of various universities. Let them submit grant applications back to you. Pick the most qualified response.
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    I'm only looking for preliminary research though, not research that would need to be done in a lab or anything
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    Do you mean someone to do lit searches? If you need someone else to do the lit searches, how do you even know you have something worth paying to have done? Otherwise I'm not understanding what you're asking to find someone to do. You can find people to take on consulting arrangements, but usually that's for the bench work, not literature review, unless you need something like an expert witness for litigation.

    What area of research would you need? You'd want to approach someone with the correct specialization -- for example, there's not much point to asking a botanist to help you with a question on animal physiology.
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    Never mind, I found someone but thanks
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