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So I'm in process of becoming an EMT-B, but this being NYC means uncertainty in getting the desired position during favorable time scales. What other positions are available to me while I'm still in school and particularly one that may need certification?

I was also thinking about mortician, medical investigator - but this one requires at least a nursing degree (not to be confused with medicial examiner (ME) - requires MD), and also a police officer - for NYPD you need like 60 college credits, not sure how many I have but certainly more than that, and I doubt they have part time patrol positions

So any takers? What did you do professionally during college years (jobs in sales are not applicable)


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If you're looking for a job that requires some sort of certification, if you're a good swimmer, you could be a lifeguard or water safety instructor. The hotels with pools are always looking for lifeguards, and if it's an indoor pool, they need people year round, and as a water safety instructor, you could then train other lifeguards. If you university has a pool as part of their rec facilities, you might even be able to get a job there.

My sister is a certified lifeguard and it was really helpful when she got out of college with a degree in social work and couldn't actually live on a social worker's salary, so worked at one of the Atlantic City hotels on weekends and some evenings as a lifeguard to help pay the rent. The bonus to that is that she also became good friends with one of the massage therapists at the spa there, so now can get free massages any time! I'm so jealous! :cry:


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I think your just being totally unrealistic, the two jobs you have looked at are jobs which require the organisation to invest alot of time and money in the employee, they will not be willing to offer these jobs to a part-time or a short term worker.

Lifeguarding is a very good suggetsion, but I don't see why your rejecting sales as by doing that your greatly minimizing the number of jobs open to you.


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jcsd said:
Lifeguarding is a very good suggetsion, .........
I agree. We even need a lifeguard here in PF since we have people drowning in the Dirac sea....




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ZapperZ said:
I agree. We even need a lifeguard here in PF since we have people drowning in the Dirac sea.... :)
:rofl: Good one!

Actually, during my undergrad years I had numerous jobs - grocery store stocker, librarian/salesman at a museum, plumber/maintenance, oil refinery worker, construction/iron worker. I worked summers and holidays full time, and part-time during academic year.

During the academic year, at the first university, my full-time summer job as plumber/maintenance, became a part-time job during the year. I also worked in one of the dorm kitchens on campus for which paid for my room and board.

I also worked night time as a janitor in my father's office building (usually 2-3 hrs/night and on weekends).

In graduate school, I had either teaching or research assistantships. During my MS program, I worked full-time for a municipal water department as well as full-time student and teaching assistant. I would sleep about 4 hrs/day during the week and catch up with sleep on the weekend. Talk about sleep deprivation. :rolleyes:

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