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Professor Walter Levin from M.I.T.

  1. Feb 26, 2005 #1
    Hi, just some advice searching here. I'm doing my classes online through this guy from M.I.T. http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/8-02Electricity-and-MagnetismSpring2002/VideoLectures/index.htm [Broken]

    Any comments? Anybody here about him? he seems pretty good so far.
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    It's Lewin. :wink:

    I personally enjoy his style. He's also a pretty funny guy.
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    what the crap.. there are females at MIT?? :surprised

    On a second thought.. this reminds me of a joke I once read

    "Another day they may pull a prank by sneaking a girl into a group of high school students and parents visiting Caltech, then 'kidnapping' the girl and yelling, 'We got one! We got one!'" :rofl:
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    i had him last semester for 8.03 lecture, which i believe have also been posted on the web. the lecture on rainbows was especially interesting, check that one out.
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    They obviously imported them in from Wellesley.
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    I remember a few months ago he put up an interesting picture and asked people on the internet to identify the phenomenon seen in it (if I recall correctly if you were in his class at the time you'd get extra credit if you got it right). I gave it my best shot and was one of thousands who did, but he wrote back to each and every one of those people. I wasn't that far off from the actual answer, actually, and was really excited to see that he'd taken the time to write back!
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    Don't see it there.

    Just 8.01 and 8.02

    I really wish there were more videos on OCW, the ones they have are priceless.
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    Just watched the first one in the 8.02 course, very good. Is there a way of getting a list of all of the courses that have video lectures??
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    Why does that surprise you??

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    Because statistically there are far less females going into science/engineering
    School - % females:
    Caltech (31 %)
    Columbia - Fu (26 %)
    Worcester Poly - (24 %)
    RPI - (25 %)
    my school - (19 %)
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    I think I read recently that MIT is close to 50-50 male-female.
  14. Feb 26, 2005 #13
    In Physics there's 8.01 and 8.02

    In Math there's 18.01, 18.085 and 18.06

    Those are all that I know of.
  15. Feb 26, 2005 #14
    It's 30% female in my class... *shrug*
    Doesn't help our odds much though, because the odds may be good but the goods may be odd. :tongue2:
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    I think you mean 18.03, and not 18.01. Differential Equations, not Single Variable Calculus.

    But those are also the only 5 courses with video lectures that I know of, as well.
  17. Feb 27, 2005 #16
    Yes, 18.03.

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