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Progam help ?

  1. May 2, 2008 #1
    I am using this program to calculate the no. of notes of denomination 10,50&100 in a given amount but i am getting error as soon as i enter the amount ?


    main ()
    int a,b,c,a1,b1,c1;
    int p;

    printf ("enter the amount to be withdrawn Rs p \n");

    scanf(" %d",p);


    a1= p-(b+c)/a;
    b1= p-(a+c)/b;
    c1= p-(a+b)/c;

    printf("the number of notes of type a1 = %d",a1);
    printf("the number of notes of type b1 = %d",b1);
    printf("the number of notes of type c1 = %d",c1);


    What is the error , it compiles the prog successfully but after that shows error
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