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Program about the birth of the universe

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    Hmm... I watched this program about the birth of the universe.
    If there was nothing before and the universe orgiginates from that, doesn't that violate the 2nd law? They also said that more matter than anti-matter was created. Since no matter was before and matter/anti-matter is created and destroyed in pairs, how can this be?

    Argh, this was supposed to go into a topic. How can I delete this message?
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    Only a mentor can.

    In the mean time, what's "2nd law"? Whose?
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    Mine: "Thou shalt not steal unless there's noone around who can see it"
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    Re: uh

    Since time is a property of the universe, there is no "before" the universe was born.
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    Re: uh

    The matter/antimatter problem is not that unequal amounts were made (impossible I think) but that there is an asymmetry between the decay rates of one particular particle and its antiparticle. This difference meant that for every billion particle-antiparticle anhilations, one matter particle was left behind. As the Universe quickly cooled, no more of these particle/antiparticle pairs were made, so the matter remaining was 'frozen' into the Universe. Good job too!
    I'd like to find a source for what I've written above as I read all about this once, but haven't seen anything on it since.. Any good links anyone?
    (I hope it is not all rubbish!)
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    Re: uh

    We generally excuse god for disregarding this, or any other law.
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