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Program arm Offline

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    How does a programmer programme a robot arm offline?ANd through what ways?
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    Hello AllenHe and welcome to the forums.

    Typically what happens is you get some kind of architecture manual or a library manual that outlines the instruction set of the hardware, the digital representation of data and memory and how to interface between other platforms like a PC using a serial port or even a USB port.

    If it is not as low level you usually have some high level tools like a compiler and development kit that you run on your PC and then you have some drivers that allow you to communicate to your robot device, again through either a serial port or USB. If it is a recent piece of hardware it will probably be through a USB and you'll probably have some high level tools that work on a PC.

    Do you have any specific information about the platform you are using?
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    Oh.. I am just an A level student.
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