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Homework Help: Program for writing equations / expressions

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    just like there is a coding to write proper equations in this forum does anyone know a computer program that can do the same so that i can implement it into word documents?
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    Word has equation editor 3.0. You might have to put your M$ office cd in and install eq rditor as a plugin. You can get mathtype for windows also (very similar to eq editor 3.0) for $49. Also, if you are really rambunctuous you can download miketex (LaTex for windows) and make gif images (or PDF's of an entire document). Then again, you can go to http://www.mathmlcentral.com/ and type your equation in as mathml and convert said expression to a gif.
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    You could just switch to Tex or Latex. Miketex (google for the URL) might be a good place to start.
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    thanx very much guys. i will use the one that is in word. i have been using word for about 6 years now and i didn't know that there was such a thing for it. before i just typed and used underline and tabs. But this time my work will look professional.
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