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Program to display student number

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    Hey there guys, how is everyone,

    I am doing a computer engineering module at uni and have an assignement to produce a program on thrsim11 software to display my student number 1 digit at a time on a seven segment display. I have written a basic test program to do this but I am having trouble getting the numbers to display correctly. I know the hexpat data is correct as I have tested it but when i run the program all the segments on the LED light up and then turn off after the loop has finished. Would someone look over my code and tell me if I am going about this the right way or am I totally off course. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

    Cheers guys !! sorry for the bad formatting

    prb equ $1004 Peripheral port B
    ddrb equ $1006 Data direction register B
    prc equ $1003 Peripheral port C
    ddrc equ $1007 Data direction register C
    delay equ $bd4 value for 1 second time delay
    program equ $00a0 start address of program
    reset equ $fffe reset vector
    eod equ $23 end of data

    org $0000
    hexpat fcb $3f,$03 hexpat 0-9
    fcb $5b,$4f
    fcb $66,$6d
    fcb $7d,$07
    fcb $7f,$6f
    studnumber fcc '0085755#'

    org program
    ldaa #$ff all port B line output
    staa ddrb set port B lines
    ldaa #$01 pc0 line output
    staa ddrc set port C lines

    ldy #studnumber point index register Y to first student number digit
    next ldab 00,y load first digit into Accum B
    cmpb #eod compare EOD marker
    beq stop if EOD stop program
    andb $0f convert to binary
    ldx #hexpat point indx reg X to hexpat
    abx add offset ie add accum B to index reg X
    ldaa 00,x get hexpat into accum a

    staa prb output display word
    ldaa #$00 get enable word
    staa prc enable the display
    ldab #$01 counter for loop 2
    loop2 ldx #delay counter for 1 second delay
    loop1 dex decrement counter 1
    bne loop1
    decb decrement counter 2
    bne loop2 display (1 X 10 sec)
    ldaa #$01 get disable word
    staa prc disable display
    iny increment index Y to point to next digit
    bra next repeat process until EOD
    stop jmp stop end of program

    org reset
    fdb start set reset vector to start
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