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Programing c and Chem 1,2

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    How necesary is Programing C for a civil engineer or all engineers?

    Why do colleges require some programing for engineers. Also for a civil engineer, how important is GENERAL CHEMESTRY 2, since is not mandatory at the University i'll be transfering, but it is a transferable course along with chem 1!!!

    Just to not start another thread.

    I proudly can say that i recently developed an interested for knowing the theory behind mathematics. Sadly i develope it just after finishing with my precalculus class, but never is too late. Before it was all about remembering proccedures that hardly make sense, now is much easier remembering the stuff, and i enjoy it more. So my question is are there any good books that can facilitate me or answer me the why of things? I'am in the middle of Trig, but i really want to catch up on precalc which is mostly algebra!!!!

    Don't get me wrong i know precalc, and a good part of it makes sense, but i'm afraid to forget the parts that don't make much sense, even though i know how to do it!!!

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    Engineers and scientists usually have many decisions and calculations to perform, many which use several steps and often lengthy calculations, sometimes requiring particular levels of accuracy. Computer programs are often extremely useful for accomplishing these decisions and calculations. Somebody must create these programs, so an engineer of scientist is usually a person to do it. Whether the programmer uses C, C++, or some other language depends on what is available to him or what language he knows how to use. You might simply believe that if the scientist or engineer needs a program, then he could just buy a suitable program; but realistically, such computer programs might or might not exist, or might be more expensive than what the company would want to pay, ... or who knows for what other reasons, the person who wants a program might want to write the program himself, to do exactly what he wants the program to do. Consider, if he could buy an expensive powerful program which can do many many complicated things, the cost of buying such a program not not be efficient; while the person could spend a few hours writing a much smaller (and much less expensive) program on his own.

    Really, having computer-programming skill can be a very very good thing.
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