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Programmable Button

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    Programmable "Button"..

    I need a programmable "button" type device that will connect to a switch and will execute one function if the switch is on and a different one if the switch is off.
    I'm not really sure what type of device to use as I've only had a couple semesters in EE so any advice would be greatly appreciated..

    Thanks in advance,
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    Re: Programmable "Button"..

    I think that we will need more information about how the device you are hooking up the button too will work.

    Because for example, one way to do it might be to use a simple switch where the button will send a signal down one of the lines (whichever one the switch is set to). Another way would be to send a different kind of signal down a single line depending on what the switch is set to.
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    Re: Programmable "Button"..

    Easiest solution would be some sort of microcontroller such as one of the low-end PIC series (a PIC16F84A should do nicely) or the more user-friendly BASIC Stamp. Getting started with these entails some overhead--you need a programmer, at the very least--and a learning curve in terms of programming but once you've got those there are numerous advantages over discreet logic. For one, it's a snap to alter the behavior by simply reprogramming the device.
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    Re: Programmable "Button"..

    The following is sort of how I want it to function...

    Button> Switch>
    |if on---> Trigger (Speaker/Pre-recorded Message System)
    |if off---> Trigger (Answering Machine/ Mic)

    Programming I don't think will be a big deal since I have a wide range of references at school...
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    Re: Programmable "Button"..

    How about just using a single pole double throw (SPDT) or a double pole double throw (DPDT) switch? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switch" [Broken]
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