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Programmable delay line

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    Hello All,

    I am working on a circuit that produces a three-phase output of digital pulses using a shift register and NOR Gate. the circuit, as it is now, works great with the delay between adjacent channels being less than 0.5 ns. But The three digital outputs of this circuit will be routed through other circuitry (drivers, Fets. and cable) that could produce unwanted delays between the channels.

    I want to add a programmable delay line on the output of each channel that I can use to 'fine tune' the phasing to keep everything lined up. Since this circuit can operate up to 22MHz, any delays produced can cause significant issues.

    The delay line I have in mind would have a range of about 80ns with, say an 8-bit tuning byte. I have found a nifty IC made by Maxim (DS1124) that can do this but I want to see if I can make something similar using logic chips. I have a few ideas but thought I would ask you all here if you have every come across anything like this.

    Jason O
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