Programmable dsp

  1. programmable dsp means the device that can be programmed

    programmable device take signal like voice audio , this signal converted into digital form

    programmable device is processor or micro controller ?

    does it contain memory counter instruction which software tool is used for programmable device?

    some one tell me about what is programmable dsp
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  3. There is this really nifty facility on the Internet called "Google Search". You would do well to learn how to use it. It will give you plenty of information on such questions. Just google "programmable dsp".
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    Where, ironically, you will now find this thread at number 14 of the results (if you used the quotes).
  5. Yep, and he should have read the first 13 before coming here :smile:
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    It is basically a microprocessor that has certain extra hardware facilities that are useful for performing the operations that are common in digital signal processing (like multiply and shift). Please do the search that has been suggested to you, and feel free to ask specific questions once you have done that reading.
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