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Programme for brightness

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    is it possible to create a program which can change the brightness of the computer?
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    No idea what you mean by "brightness of the computer", please elaborate. Monitor brightness?

    And I will spare you and everyone else all puns that I can think of.
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    What platform are you talking about? Windows, Linux, Unix, Other?
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    em.. Windows XP.using C++
    yea, I'm talking about the brightness of the monitor.using C++
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    Is it good to learn C++ before learning Java?
    cause programs created using C++ are command line interface, but not graphical interface.and I think that it's useless nowdays.
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    C++ has a variety of GUI toolkits, i.e. C++ programs are not limited to running from a terminal.

    Command lines are anything but useless. There are many, many tasks that are far easier using the command line than doing them through a GUI.
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    Aw, heck:frown:
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    Since games can do this in direct x (full screen mode), I would assume it's possible to duplicate this function. The video card software can also adjust brightness of the desktop, but I'm not sure if that's related to direct x or not.
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