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Programming a 555 timer

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    I need to programme a 555 timer pulse with intervals of 4 secs. I've already tried connecting a monostable circuit I found on the net with values of a 36K resistor and 100uF capacitor but whats happening is it's going on for 4 seconds then off for the rest!

    Here's the circuit that I tried working - anybody got anything better??????? please :shy:

    http://www.doctronics.co.uk/555.htm#monostable [Broken]
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    You're looking for multiple pulses like a clock? If so, look further up the page at the astable circuit. A monostable is just that - mono for 1 pulse! :smile:
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    :blushing: :uhh:

    Hmm...I always thought I was dumb...now u've just proved it! Thanks dude - will get back to you later and I'll tell you if it works!!
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    Hey, If you go onto
    "www.crocadile-clips.com" there's pretty good demo's on programming a 555 timer programme in monostable operation. But you have to download the free trial.
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    I'm pretty sure there is enough talent on this board to tell you everything you want to know about the 555. Just ask.
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