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Programming as an analyst

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    I am a rising second year student studying mathematics. Back in high school when I chose to study math, I did not worry much about getting a job because I planned to do a double major with computer science. Then after two weeks of my CS course, I realized that I absolutely hate programming. So I would like to avoid it as much as possible.

    But it seems like even business jobs that look for math/stat/physics/CS majors involve some programming. I hope that programming as a business analyst or a quantitative analyst isn't as hardcore as programming as a software developer. But is this true? What is the diffculty of programming as an analyst?
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    If you 'absolutely hate' programming, I don't know how you are going to escape doing any programming. Sometimes, even setting up a spreadsheet involves a little knowledge of programming, what with getting all those formulas straight. But you haven't really said what it is about programming that you didn't like or feel comfortable with. Was it having to develop a logical approach to solving a problem? Was it attention to a lot of details? Was it the drudge work of having to type in a bunch of statements and then having to debug the program? I suppose if you are able to get a really good job, your employer might provide you with a programming flunky to help you.
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    I generally don't like interacting with computers in general unless it is very straightforward. But money don't grow on trees and a job is not a job if I love it, right?

    What really grind my gears is the errors that pop up that I don't have a clue about. Or when make out-of-index errors when accessing an array. Or when it doesn't work after five hours. Or just looking at fifty-thousand lines of code.

    But it seems like I don't have a problem at all or even enjoy it when I get used to it and it becomes second nature. I'm okay with Excel or Matlab or R, but if I have to do something like making a tetris game in C++, I'd rather start a franchise business...
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