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Programming C++ Project

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    I have a few probelms...the approximate length isnt working right when i compare my sol'n w/ the samplecalc. Im attaching my updated code along w/ this message
    I have to write a program that compute the arc length : "A segment of the curve can b divided into intervals and a chord to the curve draqn in each interval. The approximate length of the segment is obtained by adding up the lenghts of the chords. The accuracy of the result is a function of the number of intervals used. Increasing the number of the chords increases the accuracy, but only up to a point. The computation is to be terminated when the use of a larger number of intervals produces a negligible change in the result."
    and there is one part I that i have to do...but not sure how:
    Call function approx to compute aplen, the approximate value of the length. Use n=4 intervals for the first approximation. Repeat the computaion up to 10 times, doubling the value of n each time, as long as successive length values are increasing, and differences between successive values are decreasing and are greater than .01 percent(%) of the approximate value.

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