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Programming for Scientists

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    Hi all,

    I hope this is the appropriate place to post this. A friend and I have just started a blog on "programming for scientists". It's aimed at discussion and teaching of good software practice when you're programming in order to get some science done. We're going to be as responsive as we can to feedback (this was originally a workshop for students, so it already includes some feedback), so that we can be as helpful as possible, so any/all feedback would be most welcome!

    The blog can be found at:

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    Very slick blog actually. I'm more in the mathematician/computer-science camp, so I don't know what the best language for a scientist is, but I still like your articles on "choosing a programming language" as you cover each of the topics very well. For instance, on memory management you point out the fact that C/C++ does offer you a greater degree of control than many languages with "garbage collection," although it is more complicated.

    There are some grammar errors, though. For example in the article I was talking about above (Part I of choosing a programming language) it says:

    "The word ‘free’ has several different interpretation and you must be careful what licenses apply."

    I think it should be "has several different interpretations and you must be careful as to which licenses apply."
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    Thanks! Glad you like the blog. (and thanks for the proof-reading feedback; very much appreciated :-) )
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