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Programming in Matlab

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    I need help with the following:

    "Let D be an N×N matrix. The element dij (i=1,…,N;j=1,…,N) of D is 1 if the sum of all the elements of the Pascal matrix of order i equals the sum of all the elements of Magic matrix of order j, and 0 otherwise.
    Write a Matlab programme that constructs D and that counts the number of ones in D for N is 100."

    I am new to matlab programming (this will be the first time writing a matlab programme). Please help me out.

    Kind regards,

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    Well before you even start thinking about matlab (or code of any type) you need an algorithm.

    Do you have a formula for the sum of a (triangular form?) Pascal matrix and for a (normal?) Magic matrix?
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    The matlab guide contains an example magic squairs algorithm:

    "The logic of the magic squares algorithm can also be described by:

    switch (rem(n,4)==0) + (rem(n,2)==0)
    case 0
    M = odd_magic(n)
    case 1
    M = single_even_magic(n)
    case 2
    M = double_even_magic(n)
    error('This is impossible')
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    My guess is you are an Economics student @ the Rijksuniversity of Groningen.

    I am dealing with the exact same problem. Can you add me on facebook (Frank Smit, Groningen ) or MSN: ffmsmit@hotmail.com or skype: fibofranky .

    Perhaps we can work it out together!
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    What I came up with so far is:

    Code (Text):
    N = 100
    for i = 1:N
      for j = 1:N
        p(i) = sum(sum(pascal(i)));
        m(j) = sum(sum(magic(j)));
        if p(i) == m(j)
            D(i,j) = 1
            D(i,j) = 0
    However... There is only 1 case where the sum of elements of pascal = magic, which is in D(1,1). Confusing.
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