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Programming languages of value

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    Hi All,

    I am probably opening a can of worms here, but I am interested in everyone's thoughts on this. Forgive the simplified question, but I think you all will know what I am asking.

    What programming language should I really get involved in to increase my marketability as an employee?

    I have worked with Matlab and Mathematica. I have used LabVIEW in industry and am well seasoned in that. I am also a seasoned web developer... but none of these are really programming languages, and they do not seem to be as desired as real programming languages. I have worked in JAVA, Python, and C++, but I am by no means an expert at any of them. I am getting my master's degree in physics right now, and I know that being a good researcher and mathematician is not good enough these days in industry. There is a lot more anecdotal stuff that would possibly modify my question, but really I just want to be smart about my future. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks everyone.
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    This topic has been addressed here about 4,000 times so I'd suggest a forum search instead of our all having to just type it all in all over again. The bottom line is that if you talk to 8 different people about it, you'll get 9 different opinions. ;)
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    Thanks, I did not know there was a computer science forum, I only use math and physics help here because that's what I work on. I should have searched.
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