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Programming physics books

  1. Apr 18, 2014 #1
    I am looking for recommendations of books that teach physics, with an emphasis on solving real-world problems with code.

    I find I can only really fully grasp a concept if I can actually program it and visualize it in MATLAB, change variables and see what effect that has on the results.

    So would anyone have recommendations of books that are accompanied with computer code? My language of choice is MATLAB but I can translate anything really to MATLAB, so the focus would be on lots of examples and thorough code.

    It would be great if it went through all the important physical mathematics such as ODE's PDE's and their applications eg Electromag.. I just find book after book with the same equations written down but have no idea how to actually use them.

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    I can only recommend the text I used for computational physics. Our language was Matlab as well, but the text was written in Fortran. That doesn't particularly matter though, since they introduce the pseudocode first:

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    Thanks, I had a look at the first few examples and got them working in MATLAB. This is definitely the kind of thing I am after. I will pick up this book so I can actually understand whats going on now lol.

    Any more suggestions along the lines of this would be great, thanks.
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    Here is a book in numerical methods related to mechanics of shells (with lots of commented ready-to-use source codes in C/C++ on applied CD-ROM):

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