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Programming project idea

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    I need to make a project in C/C++ for next year.
    I thought it would be nice if it will relates to physics.
    Right now, my only ideas are a virtual physics lab or a billiard game.

    Do you have any ideas/tips for me?

    Or Ozery
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    How about the Metropolis algorithm? You can use it to grow crystals and demonstrate why crystals have to be grown slowly to avoid fractures (called simulated annealing).

    It is easy to understand and fairly straightforward to program. One of the most interesting topics in computational physics. Check out the book Numerical Recipes for an explanation.
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    I should mention that numerical recipes is available online, in its entirety, at nr.com.

    How about writing a program that will do the calculations to display the interference pattern in Young's double slit experiment?

    Or one that will calculate how electrons behave in a semiconductor junction? Maybe a simulated diode or transistor?

    How about a program that shows the frequency components of a musical instrument's sound?

    How about a program that simulates gravity and shows the planets orbiting the Sun? Or shows binary stars orbiting, etc.?

    - Warren
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