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As a self-taught programmer, I follow mainly OSSU's (Open Source Society University) curriculum on GitHub. It claims to be a complete education in computer science and has a list of free MOOC courses that you can follow, just like attending university.
I’m also a self taught programmer. Well, sorta... I learned a little on my own and then when I got really serious about it, I used other sources to help me.
Personally, I prefer reading code theory, especially when I was a beginner at coding and often needed some guidance on how to perform one thing or another. An example of such code theory would be this: . I like that everything is explained step-by=step and it's easy to navigate thanks to the sidebar
My GitHub repository: has16 C++ projects targeted at computational physics. I'm working on the 17th now, on Ray Tracing (related with geometrical optics quite well).

Projects range from easy physics topics to quite advanced.
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So far my coding is not so good so I usually re-use other programs and add/modify them. Here is good resource to look at some code examples:

code examples in different languages

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