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Programming terminology

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    english is not my native language and the few programming literature I have read in my language, is so badly translated from english, that makes it more difficult to comprehend

    I understand that almost all programming languages share some terms, like class, function, command, object, element, handler, method, parameters, properties, etc and most of them also share the same syntax eg something1.something2(something3)

    is there a consice resource about these to refer to ?

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    Look for a C++ guide or primer or reference in your native language for descriptions of most of these terms.

    "handler" - in the case of Windows this could mean the functions that handle specific message types that are sent to a Windows program, called message handlers. The other common usage for handler is in reference to a device driver, and could mean either the entire device driver or the interrupt portion of the device driver.

    "command" - could refer to the text entered at a dos or unix console window to enter a command.
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