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Programming with BASIC language.

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    BASIC syntax, drawing flowcharts, QBASIC
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    This may be old but still important for freshers
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    I need to find some info on the QBASIC. I still find it hard.
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    Is anyone there?
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    Wow! Thanks, Pantaz. I think i'm doing well with the programming, but my headache lies on how to print the output on a paper. So far, if i try to print, only the program is print out. I want both the program and output to print on paper. How possible is it?
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    Wow, Qbasic! I am amazed that this is still in use anywhere.

    To print from a program

    10 Print "Hello world"

    Isn't that the universal first program to write in basic?

    Suppose you have some variable x.

    10 Print x

    you can combine strings and variables:

    10 Print "This is x "; x

    The semi colon means that no space it left between the previous element printed. If you use a comma then it will space out to the next tab field.

    10 for i = 1 to 10
    20 print i
    30 next i


    10 For i = 1 to 10
    20 print i;
    30 next i


    That should get you started.
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    I still use GWBasic from time to time, which is even older than QBasic. I was working with computers when GWBasic was first introduced. It doesn't seem like all that long ago and yet, it's been roughly 3 decades. Time sure flies when you're having fun. :wink:
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    I still have "Qbasic in 21 days" picking up dust on the bookshelf. I believe the latex complier that came out eons ago was QB 4.5, try googling that. The compiler also has a comprehensive syntax library.

    Here's some more code

    SCREEN 12

    WINDOW (-10,-10)-(10,10)

    FOR R = 0 To 10

    CIRCLE (0,0), R

    NEXT R
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    Thanks, Integral. Gnosis. Waht. My idea in BASIC programming is ok. But the issue lies on printing out the program and its output on paper.
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    Use LPRINT instead of PRINT.

    My decades-dormant QBasic comes in handy again!
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    Thanks, CRGreathouse. U did well. It worked. But is there any way the input statement will appear on paper too.
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    I'm sorry, I overlooked your need to print.

    If you simply need to print everything that's visible on the screen, trying pressing the "Print Screen/SysRq" key while the printer is on-line. It generally takes at least two presses of this key (sometimes a 3rd press) for printing to commence, as each press of the key typically only fills half of the printer's paper (captures the entire screen, but that only fills half of the paper) and it's only buffered, not printed until a whole page worth of screen captures have occured. So press the key once, then list another full screen of your program, then press the key again and the printer will typically begin printing everything from the two screens that you captured.

    In some cases, I have seen it require a 3rd press of the key, but usually only two key presses prints out a page.
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