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Programming with C please help (math library error)

  1. Sep 1, 2015 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    I have make a program that solves the distance between 2 points on a triangle.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution

    Code (Text):

    /* homework 1 */

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>

    int main(void)
    // Declare and initialize variables
      float x1=1, y1=5, x2=4, y2=7;
      float dx, dy, distance;

    // Compute sides of a right triangle
      dx = x2 - x1;
      dy = y2 - y1;

      distance = sqrt (dx*dx + dy*dy);

    // Print distance
      printf("The distance between the two points is: %5.2f \n",distance);

    // Exit program
    I keep getting a an error about an undefined reference to sqrt
    Did I do something wrong?
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  3. Sep 1, 2015 #2


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    Your program runs fine for me, although I get this warning:

    warning C4244: '=' : conversion from 'double' to 'float', possible loss of data

    due to the fact that sqrt() returns a double, and you're storing the returned value in a smaller type. I suspect you don't have things set up correctly so that the compiler can't find the header files (math.h in particular).
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    I use Pascal rather than C++ but in Pascal, if you reference a "math" library in order to use the "sqrt" function, you would have to use "math.sqrt(dx*dx+ dy*dy)".
  6. Sep 3, 2015 #5


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    This is C, not C++, and you simply use sqrt, without a math. attached to it. You also need to #include the math header,
    Code (C):

    #include <math.h>
    For historical reasons, the math functions are not part of the standard library, so the math library must be specifically linked to. For instance
    Code (Text):

    gcc -O mymathcode.c -lm
  7. Sep 3, 2015 #6


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    I'm guessing that the OP doesn't have his compiler installation set up correctly, with the linker unable to find the code for the math library (DrClaude's earlier suggestion). Less likely, I think, is my earlier suggestion that the compiler can't find the headers, but this is still a possibility.
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