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Homework Help: Programs and TI calculator

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    Hi --

    Does anyone know of any good physics programs written for the TI calculator such as models ti-83, ti-84 or even the ti-89?

    Just curious ...
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    Science Programs for the TIs

    I have a TI-85. The official websites has many programs and there are similar sites for the TI-83. Go to the program archive section and select "science". Under science there are sections for physics chemistry and even biology.

    http://education.ti.com/us/product/tech/83/down/download.html [Broken]

    [PLAIN]http://education.ti.com/us/product/tech/85/down/download.html [Broken]


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    Wat about the TI-83 PLUS, do you know any physics programs for that
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    No I don't sorry, but they probably have sections for that calc on the website as well. Also, many programs are desingned for more than one calc.

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    Thanks everyone. I also found www.ticalc.org which looks promising.
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