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Programs or games that uses GR

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    Are there software like games or simulations where General Relativity is used or are most based on Newtonian spacetime? I wonder what would be the results or difference if GR based on diffeomorphism invariance is used on the moving subjects and objects in the games versus that of basing them on a fixed spacetime or non Lorentz invariance space + time (Newtonian).
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    Or just a very simple ball bouncing on a surface program that uses the equations of GR. Hasn't this been done yet? Why, does the Einstein Field Equations or tensors so complex that we don't have enough computing power to calculate it yet? much like we don't have computing power yet to solve for wave function of anything above hydrogen??
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    I don't know for sure if Geometry Wars uses GR in the calculations, but it might be worth investigating. When the game starts to get intense the spacetime warps and ripples violently.

    An example:
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