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Programs to find number patterns

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    Are there any programs that can be used to find out what numbers have in common?



    can't find anything to do it :confused:

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    There's too little info in this query. What are you looking for ? And why ? Some context may help...
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    Here is always a good place for sequences: http://www.research.att.com/~njas/sequences/ [Broken]

    However it does not seem to find your numbers in any sequence. I once wrote a number program that gave many properties of a number however I think your numbers are too big at the moment (I'm writing a newer version) sorry :frown:
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    The first thing you are going to have to do is describe exactly (mathematically) what you mean by "have in common"!
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    They're obviously the first 5 terms in the sequence a_n = (63322918749/2)n^4 - (2358746821765/6)n^3 + (3510834041869/2)n^2 - (19974725393909/6)n + 2683972423043.
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    i dunno just curious

    not quite sure what i meant now =/
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    If you have X numbers, you need a maximum of a (x-1)th degree polynomial to put them all in a function. 1 point requires a 0th degree (y=6), 2 requires a line (y=2x+6), etc. With 5 numbers it may take awhile to solve, though.
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