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Progress in Biotechnology

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    Hello everybody,

    I know you've had enough of these kinds of threads, but here you go.. :smile:

    I'm a senior high school with MUCH interest in Physics. But with the progress in Biotechnology today, it took my attention too. I basically know nearly zip about both careers, and whether they can go hand in hand together? so that I can study them both or what. Also the job oppotrunities in both and so on.
    Any help would be deeply appreciated and would definately be a relief :wink:

    Thanks in advance

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    Sure, very much : nanotechnology. Check out 'my website' or google for nanotechnology or check out my journal for more info.

    Both physics (solid state, QM, electromagnetism) and biotechnology (physical, organic and anorganic-chemistry, ah and also biochemistry) are extensively used in this broad field of study

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    you just made my day, or career :smile:
    QM has been my main interest. I'll sure check out everything you've mentioned.

    Thanks very much indeed. :smile:

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    You could also go into biophysics, studying the physics of biological systems. Go to www.amolf.nl and look under research for Life inspired physics Experiments or Life inspired physics Theory.
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