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I Progressive Cavity Pump backspin

  1. Feb 15, 2017 #1
    I need an equation to give me the backspin speed in HZ and the torque applied to motor from back spin from a given oil well.
    The VFD given me the rod torque during forward run. J = 706 lbs-ft. J = F * D
    D= 7300 ft = Length of the rod
    J = Jm - Jf -Jb +Jten
    so I am not sure how to do this ...
    can someone help ?
    Jten = torque of tension
    Jm = torque of the force from the oil
    Jb = torque from the backspin hydro brake in the drive head
    Jf = torque from the friction on the pcp case
    M = F/A
    M = F/(32.174 ft/s^2)
    F = Jf/D
    Jm = J + Jb -Jten + Jf
    Jb is given in the wellhead doc

    but I still need to find t (time)
    So, I can get speed of the backspin
    I am not too sure
    does anyone know ?
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