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Project Advice

  1. Nov 4, 2005 #1
    I just started physics, I am in 11th grade and we needed to do a project in some class and I want to do this, but I really need help. I asked my teacher about doing something on magnetic energy (I would have no clue where to begin though…) and she brought up plasmas and doing something on those plasma balls that you can buy at party stores. I still don’t know what I can do, so if anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. My problem is I haven’t really learned anything yet (we just did basic acceleration and force stuff but that is kind of boring). I did a big paper on parallel universes last year, but I am not sure how I would do an experiment on anything like that. Thanks.
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    Make a coil gun. They are awesome. Demonstrations are always big crowd pleasers. Get a bunch of the $7 flash cameras from safeway, hook up the capacitors, and well, do some more research on it. I don't feel like typing everything I did. Let's just say I got an A... :P

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