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Project Colorblind

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    I'm in highschool currently and I want to start a project in my school community to stop prejudice and racial profiling.
    While I know that it's in humans nature; I hope some of my fellow students will take something from this.

    I had a thought of what I could do.
    Colorblind glasses.
    Now, this is not to get confused with people who are medically colorblind--and this is in no mean a mock. That's just the name of my project.

    Basically-- to be colorblind and see the world without race.

    Going back to the glasses; is there any way where I can somehow put together a pair of glasses where if you look through it and you see a black and white person standing side to side--you only see one skin pigment. (Pigment being black or white). So there is no race.

    And if this is not possible at all; is there anything that I can do for this personal project?

    Also, as a side note.. I'm not getting a grade for this.. I'm not trying to get a good reputation or anything. This is simply for a good cause in my community and if this project turns successful; it's something that can be done universally to stop racial profiling.

    Leave any comments; suggestions or questions below. I appreciate all replies!
    Thank you.
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    Honestly, I think race diversity is a wonderful thing that should not be covered up, but celebrated.
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    Your eyeglass project is not really technically feasible; but, your goal is a noble and admirable one.

    As an alternative, you might consider establishing a Colorblind "totally dark" Meeting room for weekly sessions that provide an opportunity for people to gather, visit and exchange ideas without the barrier of visual race identification.
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    Infrared goggles with filters to make the image B/W might work.
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