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A Project Condign and UFO Physics

  1. Dec 26, 2016 #1
    I recently discovered a UFO study undertaken by the British Government's Defense Intelligence staff called "Project condign". The report concluded that UFOs had an observable presence that was “indisputable”


    The report states that "the majority, if not all, of the hitherto unexplained reports may well be due to atmospheric gaseous electrically charged buoyant plasmas". However none of the mechanisms behind such formations have been proven to work

    When describing the specific case of black triangle ufos they said that.

    "Occasionally and perhaps exceptionally, it seems that a field with, as yet, undetermined characteristics, can exist between certain charged buoyant objects in loose formation, such that, depending on the viewing aspect, the intervening space between them forms an area (viewed as a shape, often triangular) from which the reflection of light does not occur. This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been reported as black 'craft,' often triangular and even up to hundreds of feet in length." These plasma formations also have the effect through "magnetic, electric or electromagnetic (or even unknown field), appears to emanate from some of the buoyant charged masses"

    I have seen 14 UFOs over the course of the last three years, The majority of them have had the appearance of luminous conglomerations of a plasma-like substance, usually in the shape of spheres, although there has been some variation. They also vary in colour, some are bright white, while others are orange and others are red. The strangest one I have witnessed appeared first as a huge glowing red sphere traveling quite fast overhead, the red light slowly faded to reveal black sphere underneath, it had clearly defined boundaries, it was not fuzzy, I could see it quite distinctly contrasted against the white clouds.

    Does anybody have any ideas/suggestions as to what kind of field phenomenon might explain the black sphere and the black triangle UFOs observed by me and the study?
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