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PROJECT D32 classified until now

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    PROJECT D32 classified until now

    Wave accelerated to the speed of light = energy and energy + gravity =
    Constant motion = wave length
    Energy = mass
    Mass = energy = light = wave
    Gravity slows time
    Gravity slows light
    Mass accelerated to the speed of light + gravity = space time we live
    In the opposes of hyperspace
    Constant accelerated mass = light
    Every opposing reaction has an unseen opposes reaction
    The laser test threw the two slits and into one shows two lines
    Two unseen reactions and two seen reactions the opposes of the two
    Create the other line black red black red. Black light from the sun
    Light reflects off each other giving us light. It’s because of the
    Number of times the light is split. If you put mirrors in portions of
    The box you should be able two find the unseen.
    Action upon magnetism effects gravity which affects wave lengths
    Which effects light which effects matter?
    Think of a gyro hyperspace
    M/G/W/LM = everything
    Gravity on the earth is getting stronger we weigh more now then we did
    Back in the past
    Make a stop sign shape inside a stop sign shape draw 8 helix DNA stains
    On the out side and then in the inside the DNA in the middle is the
    Only on that changes or the other way around make it 3d one cell right
    Next to the other and in when you have 50 million cells the one on the
    Very bottom right would have a reaction and then the reaction would
    Last until the death of the cell. Picture 50 millions star twinkle.
    "Quantum, zero sum theory"
    Time and space are the same place.
    Make a top secret location and work on quantum physics make an area
    Where nobody can go to give it a project number like "project D32" and
    Pass it on until your list of things show up it a quantum area like
    The year 1951 or like area 51.
    PROJECT D32 classified until now

    If quantum physics is diffrent in other universe's then math would
    always stay the same even if the laws of quantum physics change math
    would also stay the same so if you build a hypergate warp to another
    place you could be crushed or you could be the same size or smaller but
    if you build a gate behind the gate to go to another universe if gravity
    was diffrent you would come out smaller or bigger and to get back the
    hole would be two small. the gate would be a a row of big hypergates
    down two small hypergate and then back two a bigger one. and a way two
    stop in between. it would be a quatium computer two figure this out but
    a regular computer two do so if your really tapping into the full range
    of that computering power but it may be two hytech for you at this time.
    how many hypergate do

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    Hi... Tim.


    - Warren
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    Gravity on the earth is getting stronger we weigh more now then we did
    Back in the past

    I know I weigh more than I did in the past, like about 20lbs more. Is this because gravity is getting stronger? Or am I just overeating?:smile:
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    This post gives me the same feeling I had the last time I played the board game Hungry Hungry Hippos.

    What is this?
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    I don't think anyone knows. *shrug* I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

    - Warren
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    I'll take smaller over crushed.... But only if I'm alone or with somebody.
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    This thread is going to theory development.
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