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Aerospace Project for aeronautical engineering

  1. Aug 18, 2004 #1
    Hello all

    Hope ur all well and in good health.

    Down to my question. Im about to start 3rd year uni and i gotto do a project for aeronautical engineering. Has anyone here done one? and if u have, What is the basic format. (I may do one on modal identification of delta wing). And where would one start. :surprise:

    Thanks all :biggrin:

    Keep safe
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    i designed and constructed a micro turbojet as my final year thesis project. Now I am a career aerodynamicist. I guess you can start with reading
    1) Engineering Vibrations (Thomson)
    2) Fundamental of Aerodynamix (JD Anderson)
    Also learn the Ansys software. With strong aero+vibrations u should be able to crack it. Please contact me personally at my email.
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